Travel Essentials... COVID TIMES

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Today is going to be all about that carry on bag when traveling! Incorporating the covid supplies has added many extra steps that can become stressful. No need to fret! I have your guide of the perfect things to pack in that airplane carry on bag.

Let's get started....

I don't know about you but my carry on bag for travel can make or break my airplane experience. I want my vacation to start right when I step on that plane and to do so, I need all of my essentials right at my finger tips!

Picking a functional bag, that is cute, but also travel friendly has become quit a struggle these days. Then there is the aspect of having the mini bags inside the big bag to store all your Covid essentials and little things. And don't even get me started on what to bring on the plane when it comes to personal items and entertainment! Do I bring my laptop? Do I bring my book? I mean lets be honest... I will probably just fall asleep the second I sit down but a lot of thought does go into these things, as it should! I figured it was about time to get down to business and talk about the importance of packing a proper carry on bag during this odd time!

Like I said before, the PERFECT bag is so hard to find, and it is an extremely personal thing. My go to travel bag collection consists of either a blue Goyard tote or my mini Herschel backpack, all depends on the final destination.

Adventure = Herschel

Fashion/Beach = Goyard tote

After the bag comes the next most important thing, the COVID essentials...

- Masks: I normally pack 2 cute ones and than 3 or 4 of the blue surgical ones.

- Rubber Gloves: Always handy to have for going through security.

- Wipes: Obsessed with wiping down everything in sight.

- Hand Sanitizer: I use Dove hand sanitizer that is moisturizing. I keep all of my COVID essentials in a cute little cosmetic bag (I will link below). This is so my bag is organized and it is all in one place. I keep this portion of my bag handy and always in a place that is easy to locate and grab.

Now comes the fun stuff! I am always so indecisive at packing but I have got my carry on bag down to a T, if I do say so myself. It starts with my reusable water bottle, because SAVE THE EARTH. Next comes some chapstick, normally whatever is in my purse, at the moment it is Burts Bees. Normally I bring a good book because recently I have gotten super into reading. Can't forget the headphones. Does anyone else always forget to bring plug in headphones? Because I do and then I always have to purchase them. On occasion the camera will come, when I am feeling fun! And lastly comes my wallet

I like to try and keep my bag somewhat on the lighter side so I never pack too much. Snacks are always purchased at the airport, and normally a Starbucks too!

Ok now I am needing to go somewhere. BRB dreaming of booking a trip somewhere warm. See you all next Saturday!

Remember to stay kind!

Signing off,


Cuyana Cosmetic Bag

Fav Masks

Travel Bags

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