Girls take ASPEN

Sorry I am a little late this week, I have been so insanely busy but I am here now! When I was thinking about what to write for this weeks post, I started scrolling through my photos to look for inspo. I came across pictures from early January when I went to Aspen with my cousin Jessie and I was like PERFECT!

Ok so I am pretty impromptu but this trip was extremely off the charts when it comes to impromptu. We planned the trip on a Thursday and I got on a plane the Monday after to Colorado. We weren't exactly sure were to stay or what we were doing but we just knew we needed to see each other and knew that we needed a vacation.

We hopped in the car and drove the 4 hours from Denver to Aspen. We rented the cutest AirBnb that was so close to downtown and walking distance from everything. Before going, we had to have a negative Covid test. The city had a strict mask wearing policy so everywhere we went there was a mask required. Everything was open but at a 25% capacity that was strictly enforced. It wasn't a busy time so we didn't really have much trouble when it came to getting in to places.

Oh and how could I forget that the Kardashians were there at the same time! Unfortunately, we didn't see them... Sad!

Our trip consisted of eating, drinking, skiing, laughing, and LOTS of shopping. The first day, we shopped all day at the cutest boutiques, and also got to do looking in the higher end stores (Moncler, Golden Goose, Aviator Nation). We dressed on the more casual side when it came to what we did, jeans, turtlenecks, and boots was the look. That night we got ready and went to this super cute Italian restaurant called Campo De Fiori. The food was so yummy and of course, who doesn't like pasta?! We ended the night fairly early because day two would consist of hitting the slopes!

We woke up bright and early to go skiing. It was a beautiful day to hit Aspen Mountain, which was walking distance from where we were staying. We skied pretty much all day until we were caught is a literal blizzard. There was no telling what was in front of you or 2 feet from you. We decided that was our que to take it in and have a drink! We got ready for a little bit of a nicer dinner at the best sushi restaurant ever, Matsuhina, which is owned by the owners of Nobu. The food was delicious and the atmosphere was even better (Highly recommend).

The next day, we woke up and I decided to take a little walk around the town. It was so beautiful out with the fresh snow. I stopped in a few more shops before it was time to head out.

Our trip was quick but it was a great little get away. My cousin and I always have the best time together and would highly recommend Aspen! I will def be going back and would love to experience it in the summer!

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